Synesis Absorption

Album: Disgrace of Redemption (2010)

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Song: Disgrace of Redemption

Bitrate: 128kbps

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SYNESIS ABSORPTION was created in late 2008 by Milos Batocanin (Disdained), as an idea to start a Brutal Death Metal band in Serbia, with everything being composed & written by Milos. While working as a one-man band for almost a year, this project then ceased to exist since it was impossible to find a steady line-up for live performances. All the material which was recorded was never released.

However quickly after, the whole idea was then re-activated since Mike Smith (Suffocation) agreed to record the drums for Synesis Absorption. The new material was a mixture of Brutal/Technical Death Metal, with a slight touch of Modern Math Metal along with some Experimental/Ambient passages. Since then, none other than Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus) took over the bass, and short after, Branislav Panic (Bane) became the lead vocalist for this band.

Now with a full line-up, the SYNESIS ABSORPTION is currently working on new material & getting ready for a new conquering....